The Company

Working Together

One Team, One Goal

Our company, 4D Health Science, was launched to design and create GoPhysio, a revolutionary and intelligent Virtual Coach and Trainer for Rehab and Wellness, that can improve people’s outcomes and performance, while delivering an immersive, 
engaging, education and 
 fun experience.


Our team includes computer vision and user experience experts, software and hardware designers, and highly experienced medical industry consultants and patient care advocates. This multi-disciplinary team of experts ensures that all angles of product development are built-in to provide the most suitable, comprehensive system available.

Headquartered in North Carolina, and with Reserach and Development in Canada and Holland,, 4D HealthScience aims to become the leading AI science and technology company in our field, leveraging state of the art, proprietary technology that provides fully interactive virtual coaching and training while measuring people’s exact moves and poses, while correcting and encouraging people during an engaging and interactive user experience.

Meet Our Executive Team

Experienced and Devoted

Kim Russell

President & C.E.O

Mr. Russell brings a long and diverse background in all phases of the medical equipment business, imaging technology and engineering to GoPhysio.

Eduardo Guendelman

Co-Founder, Director

An engineer and serial hi-technology entrepreneur, Eduardo brings to the company a wealth of technology, project management and business experience.

Jon Weinberg

Clinical Director

An accomplished Physiotherapist, author of several scientific papers and a lecturer, Jon brings to the company invaluable knowledge and experience.

David Horachek

Chief Technology Officer

A computer science professor, author of a widely known book about user experience and an expert in computer imaging and 3d, David acts as the company’s CTO.

Derek Massa

Project Manager

An experienced system designer, Derek brings many years experience in the design and build of touch and gesture interactive experiences.

Chris Fanti

Chief Programmer

Chris is a high-level programmer with experience in the coding of complex software, including fully featured front and back ends.

Jochem Hees

Chief Researcher

An accomplished researcher and user-experience expert, with significant experience in R&D of complex computer-vision algorithms related to body pose and motion.

Julio Cunha

Unity 3d Expert

Julio is a Unity-3D programmer with many years experience in the design of interactive and immersive user experiences.

Nicholas Marshall

Back Office Programmer

Nicholas is a programmer with experience in the design of system’s back office, data bases and more.

Silvialy Tjhin

Chief User Experience Designer

Silvialy is an accomplished architect which nowadays specializes in the area of  user experience and graphic design.