An Innovation in At-Home Physical Therapy

A Reliable, Accurate & User Friendly Technology

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Gophysio is an intelligent, state-of-the-art system that integrates the best in Body Tracking Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Motion Analysis. The GoPhysio device has been designed to work stand-alone. It integrates a 3d camera and an on-board computer with connectivity to a TV via HDMI, as well as to the GoPhysio Server hosted in the Cloud, on-line, through WiFi or RG45 connectivity.

Every physical movement and  activity is precisely captured and measured by the GoPhysio device. Motions are measured and compared to programs as prescribed by the Clinician or Trainer. Guidance is given in real time if any motion or exercise is not performed properly, cannot be completed due to difficulty, or pain.

GoPhysio’s Server is HIPPA Compliant. and hosted in the Cloud .

The System has been designed for secure, rapid interaction, and allows the clinic to monitor progress and update routines quickly.

An Revolution in Physical Therapy

Body Motion Capture
GoPhysio Device

At the heart of the GoPhysio System, is the GoPhysio Device, a state of the art 3D body motion sensing camera powered by proprietary algorithms which measure, in real time, the person’s movements and body positions. The system also encourages and advises them to correct their movements and poses as needed to comply with the trainer’s suggested exercises.
The GoPhysio Device communicates to a cloud based server which also hosts a 
 Trainer’s Dashboard Application.


Accurate Position and Movement Measurement

Based on proprietary algorithms, GoPhysio captures and measures the exact position and movement the person does, seeing  even the slightest physical movements.

Position and Motion Analysis

Based on the specific exercise prescribed by the Practitioner or Trainer, GoPhysio then determines when movements are done correctly or need a correction.

Guidance & Encouragement

After analyzing the patient’s position and movements versus the prescribed one, GoPhysio corrects and encourages the person through an avatar displayed on the monitor.
Monitor and interact with patients
from your computer or tablet.

Developed With
Practitioners In Mind

Practitioners can only assist or treat a finite number of patients every day.

By utilizing GoPhysio in the clinic, and allowing patients to use it at home, practitioners will be able to treat more patients, and see patients get better, faster.

Also, the correct treatment protocols will be arrived at earlier, and increased oversight will benefit all parties.

GoPhysio offers Practitioners and Trainers an intuitive yet powerful portal they can use to enrol new people, record their respective set of exercises, review their progress and change the exercise or workout, as needed.