The GoPhysio Technology

Power On and Power Up

A Reliable, Accurate User Friendly Technology

An innovation in trusted At-Home therapy

Every physical movement and  activity is precisely captured and measured by GoPhysio.  Motions are measured and compared to programs as prescribed by the Clinician.

Guidance is given in real time if any motion or exercise is not performed properly, cannot be completed, or if there is difficulty, or pain.

GoPhysio’s server in the Cloud has been designed for secure, rapid interaction, and allows the clinic to monitor and update routines quickly.



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The Body Motion Capture GoPhysio Device

An innovation in trusted therapy


Can capture and measure the slightest physical movements !


Can determine when movements and poses need correction.


Guides patients by displaying an avatar showing the right movements and poses.

An Intelligent Device and System

To assist both patients and clinicians

GoPhysio technology was developed in cooperation with Lusens programmers and engineers, to improve the physical rehabilitation process for both patients and clinicians.  Watch the video to learn more.