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Getting started

It's very simple

GoPhysio is comitted to assiting clinics and practitioners in offering a convenient and revolutionary tool for effective in-home rehab.

If you are interested in offering GoPhysio, please contact us today.

Already a GoPhysio member?

Great! Please feel free to reference the rest of the document for information on how to use the GoPhysio Practitioners Portal

Browser support

The GoPhysio Practitioner Portal will run on the browsers listed below. For an optimal experience, we recommend the use of Google Chrome

  • Safari

  • FireFox


Registering as a practitioner on GoPhysio is a simple process. Enter your information along with your clinic's contact details. Your email and the password you enter will be used as your GoPhysio login.


A FOTO API Key is not required when you are signing up. If one is not submitted upon registration, you will be able to add or update a key under your acount settings.


The GoPhysio Dashboard give you a comprehensible overview of your current patients and their status.

A Green dot indicates that the patient is progressing without any reports of pain.
A Yellow dot indicates that the patient has not been participating in the program as needed.
A Red dot indicates that the patient has reported pain.


Begin typing your question. If we don't have an answer for it in our FAQ, please leave us a message on our contact page.

  • Do I need a FOTO account?

    Your clinic must have a FOTO account to utilize the full features of GoPhysio. For more information on Foto visit their website.
  • What is FOTO?

    FOTO is an outcomes management system. FOTO measures provide risk-adjusted, benchmarked reporting and quality management.

    • FOTO precisely measures patient functional status using Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) which makes functional assessments fast and easy for the patient.
    • FOTO allows you to easily engage and motivate patients.
    • FOTO utilizes strong risk adjustment algorithms to predict outcomes.
    • FOTO provides risk adjusted benchmarked rankings for fair comparison of rehabilitation services for clinicians, clinics and organizations.
    • FOTO is your answer for quality measurement and management.